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$99 Home Energy Audit

We offer a home energy audit through Home Performance with Energy Star. A home energy audit provides a scientific look at the home’s energy use.

The Basic Home Energy Evaluation

Our complimentary home energy evaluations provide a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the home to uncover any visual issues with the home’s performance.


Affordable Energy Solutions is partnered with SunEdison to bring solar to residences all around the Phoenix Valley. They have been in business for over 50 years and has grown to become the largest sustainable energy developer.


About Us

Affordable Energy Solutions of Arizona is committed to providing clients with cleaner, more energy efficient alternatives for their homes and businesses. We believe in continually updating our knowledge and staying abreast of current technology and innovative trends leading to a best-practices lifestyle. We want to share our knowledge so our clients are able to learn more about making environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions to protect the environment and sustain our natural resources.


Affordable Energy Solutions exists for the purpose of:

1. Providing solutions that will not only reduce energy consumption, but will also generate monetary savings for the customer.

2. Enhancing each customer’s comfort through innovative solutions.

3. Delivering services and solutions by passionate and caring people. WE ARE ALL-AMERICAN – LITERALLY!

In order for us to truly be sustainable, we only offer American-made products. Why pretend to be sustainable if we were to use excess fossil fuels shipping products from China or overseas? Using American made products not only provides our clients with consistent high quality but also helps the environment and our US economy.


Licensed, Bonded, Insured ROC 268127 Proudly holds an A+ from the BBB since our first year Underwritten to offer great financing packages Part of Ethical Arizona

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